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Work Sessions and Regular Meetings will be held at the Board of Education meeting room, Lincoln School, 8 Hunter Street, Lodi, New Jersey at 7:00 PM.  Please check the 'Meeting Schedule' link to view all of the scheduled meetings.

Any changes from the listed meeting dates will be made with the required 48-hour public notice.

Any Special Meetings will be held with the required 48-hour public notice prior to such meetings.


Members - January, 2023

President Mrs. Nancy Cardone  nancy.cardone@lodi.k12.nj.us
Vice-President             Ms. Sharon Salvacion sharon.salvacion@lodi.k12.nj.us
Members  Mr. Alfonso Mastrofilipo alfonso.mastrofilipo@lodi.k12.nj.us
Mr. Joseph Ramos joseph.ramos@lodi.k12.nj.us
Mr. John Cannizzaro john.cannizzaro@lodi.k12.nj.us
Mrs. Yadiria Jimenez yadiria.jimenez@lodi.k12.nj.us
Dr. Laura E. Cima laura.cima@lodi.k12.nj.us
Mrs. Jocelyn L. Anderson jocelyn.anderson@lodi.k12.nj.us
Mrs. Paula Cortez paula.cortez@lodi.k12.nj.us

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