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* Please note that if your child was ever enrolled in the Lodi school system, you are not required to complete the pre-registration process outlined in the below link.  Please skip to the "Required Personal Documention" instructions on this page.  

* Please click here to begin the pre-registration process

* Please click here for a district map and street list to determine which elementary school services your neighborhood


• Birth Certificate

• Natural parent or proof of guardianship

• Immunization Records and physical exam dated within one year of registering

• Academic Records (transcript, report card, standardized test results)

• Individualized Education Plan and/or 504 Plan


The following forms of documentation may demonstrate a student's eligibility for enrollment in the district. The totality of information and documentation you offer will be considered in evaluating an application, and, unless expressly required by law, the student will not be denied enrollment based on your inability to provide certain form(s) of documentation where other acceptable evidence is presented.

Required Documentation

Three–(3) documents that indicate that the child is domiciled in the district are required as follows:

One–(1) from Group I and two–(2) from Group II; or

If none from Group I then, three–(3) from Group II; (please note that this will result in an automatic referral to the Borough of Lodi for a Verification of Address); or

If none from Groups I or II, go to Group III and contact the District's McKinney-Vento Coordinator, Caitlin Ferrari, 862-701-7821, caitlin.ferrari@lodi.k12.nj.us

Group I 

• Property tax bill

• Deed

• Contract of sale

• Lease (current month)

• Mortgage (current month statement)

• If none of the above are presented, please complete and submit the Residency Affidavit

Group II (current month)

• Utility Bill and/or

• Other Bill

• License and/or

• Permit

• Local/State/Federal Government Document

• Financial Statement

• Medical Report

• Receipts

• Court Order

• Any Business Record

• Cancelled Check

• Benefits Statement

• Other Evidence of Personal Attachment to a Particular Location

• Voter Registration

• Documents Pertaining To Military Status and Assignment

• Employment Document

• Counselor or Social Worker Assessments

Group III – contact the District's McKinney-Vento Coordinator

• Other pieces of evidence of circumstances demonstrating, where applicable, family or economic hardship, or temporary residency.


You will not be asked for any information or document protected from disclosure by law, or pertaining to criteria which are not legitimate bases for determining eligibility to attend school. You may voluntarily disclose any document or information you believe will help establish that the student meets the requirements of law for entitlement to attend school in the district, but we may not, directly or indirectly, require or request:

• Income tax returns

• Documentation/information relating to citizenship or immigration/visa status, unless the student holds or is applying for an F-1 visa

• Documentation/information relating to compliance with local housing ordinances or conditions of tenancy

• Social security numbers

• If you experience difficulties with the enrollment process, please contact the building principal for assistance


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