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Lindsay Longo

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The Fifth Grade Language Arts curriculum meets the needs of all students with our progressive teaching methods using differentiated instruction techniques that prepare students for the NJASK test and enhance their comprehension skills. Reading, English and Spelling are under the umbrella of “Language Arts” and are covered in unison with different genres of stories.

Our Mathematics curriculum reflects the core curriculum standards for New Jersey.  Students are presented with the full spectrum of all the requirements needed to meet these standards. These requirements include fractions, decimals, open-ended questions, geometry, algebra, and measurement.

The Social Studies curriculum spans from the early colonization of the Americas, to the riveting years of our Revolutionary War patriots.  We continue with the documents that formed the United States of America. These include the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  The students are well prepared in American History at the elementary level.

Our Science curriculum encompasses many different topics ranging from Life and Physical, to Earth and Space.  The students receive a well-rounded curriculum with hands-on experiments that prepare them for the intermediate level


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