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Welcome to a new year in Third Grade!  This is a very important year for your children in terms of their education.  The transition from second grade into third grade is a big step for your child’s independence as well as the work load they are expected to carry.  With the help of both third grade teachers and yourself, they will have a great experience.

     One important aspect of third grade is that students will be switching for math.  This will prepare them for the upper grades and get them use to going from one classroom to another and all that is required to do this.  One concept that is very important this year is students will be covering multiplication.  Students will be required to memorize certain sets of facts each month and be tested daily. Please make sure to study with your on a daily basis!  Students will also be asked to complete projects for Science and Social Studies, as well as book reports.

     This is also the year that students will be taking the New Jersey ASK test.  Starting in September they will begin preparing all skills needed for this test.  Students will be working on their reading comprehension skills, writing skills, and math skills.  In order to help them prepare they will be asked at times to complete assignments on Study Island.  This is an online prep program for the New Jersey ASK and will help the children work on their skills.  With everyone working together, the students will have a very positive and successful year!!


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