Anna Maria Drotos
Sonia Verdade

Anna Maria Drotos

Sonia Verdade

Kindergarten is an exciting and a very special time in a child’s life.  One of our main goals as Kindergarten teachers is to create an environment where children feel safe and secure.  Within our classrooms, each child must be able to flourish both academically and socially.  As we teach and inspire theses young ones, we are striving constantly to build their self-esteem.  By utilizing positive reinforcement to correct any negative behavior, each child is motivated to do his/her very best.

Language/Literacy Skills include recognizing and naming upper/lower case letters, associating letter sound with name of the letter.  This in turn will help students to recognize sight vocabulary, which will prepare students for reading readiness.

Mathematics includes counting, writing and recognizing numbers 0 – 100, addition and subtraction skills, patterns and telling time.

Self-Awareness skills include learning important personal information such as street address, city, state and phone number.  Students will also focus on lacing and tying shoes in addition to zipping and buttoning jackets.

Science includes observation, exploration, investigation, predicting and experimenting.  Our active learners are looking forward to working hands on during our lessons involving the life cycle of chicks and butterflies.  They will be exposed to stories and lessons that will provide background for these activities.  Students will have fun while learning as they witness the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly!  Next, they will experience the excitement of a chick hatching from its egg right before our eyes!!

The Kindergarten classes accomplish these goals and objectives in their own classrooms, but then Special Education students are mainstreamed into Regular Education for the afternoon to learn collaboratively with Mrs. Drotos and Mrs. Grant.  The students will be instructed in all Special Areas, Social Studies, Science, Art and Centers.  Centers provide opportunities for the students to develop social skills, set goals, use individual learning styles, work at one’s own pace, develop creativity and expression and communicate ideas.


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