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Stephanie Carafa

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Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Our goal is to be a positive influence in the life of each of our students by challenging them to be critical thinkers improving self esteem, providing encouragement both academically and socially.  Instilling in our children a lifelong love of learning that will empower them with the life skills they need to be achievers and potential leaders.

This year's fifth grade curriculum is as follows:


    • Introduction to various story genres, comprehension, context clues, vocabulary building and reinforcement of sentence structure and grammar.


    • Place value, money, addition, subtraction, time, data, graphs, multiplication, division, geometry and measurement, fractions and decimals.


    • Earth Science; weather, rocks and soil, layers of the earth and natural resources.
    • Physical Science – matter and its properties, changes in matter, forces and motion, energy and sound.
    • Space and Technology – solar system, patterns in the sky and science in our lives.

Social Studies

    • Why Europeans Left for the New World; Routes of Exploration to the New World; Comparing the Colonies; Life in Colonial Williamsburg,  The Declaration of Independence,  The Revolutionary War,  The Constitution, Bill of Rights and The Civil War.

It is our hope that together, with parental and community assistance, we can make the upcoming 2012 - 2013 school year a memorable and rewarding year.


Upcoming Dates


Friday, May 27 - Tuesday, May 31


Tuesday, June 07


Wednesday, June 15 - Monday, June 20


Tuesday, June 21

Fifth Grade News

Please click here to see the Fifth Grade supply list for the upcoming school year.